Look into the future, and imagine yourself 5, 10, 15 years from now, do you see yourself healthy? Do you envision an energetic person? Are you stronger than you are now?

My goal is for people to see themselves as all of these things, and Teitelbaum Chiropractic aims to support their path to achieving the vision. And after 40 years of practice, I can promise you that this achievement is available to you. The first step is embracing the following:

Three Key Perspectives

  1. There Is No One Quite Like You!
    Your health is an individual and personal endeavor. Your ideal diet, your ideal physical activity, your spirituality- must be designed for you with reverence for your value system and your unique body. There is no “one size fits all.”
    What is best for you is different from what is best for any other individual on the planet.
  2. The Human Body Is A “Self-Healing Mechanism”
    Your body, and every mechanism within it, is designed to help and heal you. Watch how quickly a wound heals, or how efficiently your body burns up an infection. Your nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body, and it is this wondrous system that cares for you. Keeping your nervous system clear and functioning strong is crucial to your health.
  3. You Can Take Immediate And Powerful Action Steps to ensure the greatest level of health possible for you. There are resources and professionals whose mission is to gain an understanding of how to best educate you and support you in creating your individual path to the healthiest, strongest and most energetic you. Chiropractic care helps you maximize Nerve System function to help you live pain-free, youthful and lead your best life possible!

7 Action Areas:

  • Breathe Deeply: Take a full breath into your belly. Lower your diaphragm on each inward breath. Look up Diaphragmatic Breathing.
  • Hydrate with healthy liquids and include foods with high water content in your diet.
  • Eat Quality foods that fuel your body: Start at the market. Make healthy decisions there, to ensure the healthiest inputs at home.
  • Move: If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. So any type of movement helps. Build patterns of physicality for the long term. Daily activities can be contributory to your health!
  • Manage Stress: reduce the emotional, environmental, physical, and chemical stress your body contends with on a daily basis. And then take action to manage the high-stress levels that remain.
  • See yourself well and vital!
  • Support your Nervous system: Keep your nervous system free from Blockage and Interference. Engage in regular chiropractic care

Future blogs will be a deeper dive into each of these topics so stay with us!

You are a Miracle and you own an incredible self-healing system always with you. There is much you can do to support your health, vitality and quality of your life. Take small steps every day. Let us help you find those steps and support you in taking them!

Please share your thoughts, insights and health commitments with me. I will answer your questions directly, or in future blogs.

– Dr Jan T.

“Your ability to heal is far greater than you have been allowed to believe.”

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