new patients welcome  Mission Viejo, CA
We are glad you are here!

Our Primary focus is to warmly welcome you and gain your trust by hearing about you, your needs, and your vision for your well-being.
In the moment, you might simply be hoping to get out of pain, or perhaps you are here to explore the ways to become the healthiest you possible.

No matter the reason, Dr. Jan is here to listen to your needs, assess the situation, and provide the ideal, unique, and specialized plan, specifically for your individual needs.

With over 40 years of experience, and a continual expansion of his knowledge, Dr. Jan has developed a mastery of Chiropractic and has the ability to pull from multiple areas of expertise to help you. Patients appreciate his direct, authentic style, and his true heart for healing.

“I love Dr. Jan’s direct New York Energy. He cuts right to the chase and is very clear and honest. He explains my condition and progress so clearly. I know I am getting the best care possible”


First Visit

We want to get to know you.

Your history, your health, and your well-being is of utmost importance to us.

We will ask that you fill out a comprehensive evaluation before you arrive, but connecting with you, and discussing your needs is where the healing begins.

Dr. Jan has a unique ability to connect with each patient, provide a comforting level of understanding of your situation, and share a clear plan to find solutions and achieve your goals.

Each Patients needs are unique and require an individualized plan of action You might simply desire to get OUT of PAIN as soon as possible.

Perhaps you are focused on addressing the reason that you have recurring pain and desire to address that.

Others also use Chiropractic to achieve the greatest Nervous System health possible, to support a highly functional and energetic lifestyle.

Working with Dr. Jan, you will find that the opportunities are limitless.

“I always thought chiropractic was ‘one size fits all’ but not with Dr. Jan. he must have hundreds of techniques. No visit is ever the same”

“Dr. Jan listens to what I need. I know my body well and he is the truest partner in helping me be as healthy as I can be.”

Dr. Jan meets you on your level
Whether he is working with professional athletes, seeking the highest level of functioning that they can achieve, or deeply suffering individuals who are desperate to find a way to alleviate pain after an accident, Dr. Jan listens.
And with his expert skills and unique intuitive sense, he finds a path for you.

“ I was afraid I would never run again, that I would never be able to get down on the floor with my grandkids. Thanks to Dr. Jan, I am doing all of that, and way more…”

“I have never once felt pressured by Dr. Jan. I came in after a car accident. I could not move my neck and was in extreme pain. He solved that, but what I learned from him, I use every day to just keep my body flexible and healthy.”