Dr. Jan

Mission Viejo Chiropractor

Dr. Jan earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. Through his 40 +years in practice, he has studied multiple techniques and modalities which he has mastered, and is therefore able to provide each patient with specialized care, unique to their particular needs. Add on the over 50 post-graduate courses that he has completed, and you have a chiropractor who has been exposed to nearly all of the best techniques and treatments available.

“Every person presents as a unique challenge requiring different treatments specific to them.” And Dr. Jan, takes great care to understand his patients needs, as well as to hear their goals. From competitive dancers, Professional athletes, to aging adults who are looking to heal pain and enhance energy, Dr. Jan is broadly skilled and vastly knowledgeable.

He is certified in Pettibon Spinal Biomechanics, is an American Posture Institute Certified Posture Expert and has certification in Postural Neurology.

Dr. Jan continues his education, on a daily basis by staying current on the most cutting edge research and treatments available.

When he’s not at the practice helping patients, Dr. Jan enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, which includes getting regular adjustments, doing yoga and movement exercise, swimming, weight training, walking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, meditating and a great deal of time taking in the beautiful Coasts of Orange County.

As a Doctor who authentically practices what he teaches, Dr. Jan is nutritionally conscious and vastly knowledgable about many natural modalities.

Dr. Jan has two beautiful grown daughters— Eve and Simone.

Discover drug-free, natural healing and growth with the best Chiropractic care available to you.

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