This condition could be one of the most misunderstood conditions that we address, but it can also be one of the most consistently painful. First, we need to understand what Sciatica is.

What is Sciatica?
The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back and continues to the tip of your toes. The Sciatic nerve comprises 5 nerve roots (or branches) in your lower back, one in between each vertebra. They join together into one large nerve, which continues on to the tip of your toes.

Any nerve pain into your gluteus, or down your leg, will mostly involve the sciatic nerve and will be “called” Sciatica. This is an over generalization, requiring more specification, in order to address. Multiple questions need to be asked:

Which nerve branch is the cause?
Is the pain actually from a one of the 5 discs adjacent to the nerve?
Is the Piriformis muscle or Gluteal muscle sitting on the nerve?
Or, could it be a more serious condition?

Many people reference “their Sciaitica” issues. But the issue could be one of many, which is what makes this problem so illusive.

Dr. Jan finds the actual cause of the pain, creates a plan to correct the problem, and delivers the solution that not only relieves pain but enhances spinal function so the condition does not return.
This is proper care of Sciatica: creating a care plan specific to your individual needs.

It is important that we don’t ignore the pain of the sciatic nerve, and hope it goes away. Take the pain as the warning, and let us find the cause and set you on the path toward a solution.

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