STAND UP STRAIGHT! The cry we heard all our lives.

Posture is so much more that Standing Up Straight

Your posture is involved in everything you do.
It affects the amount of energy you have.
It affects your lung capacity.
It affects your balance, flexibility, and ability to exercise.

Ultimately, it could affect whether you will need a hip or knee replacement as you age.
And, it could determine whether you live your life in pain, or not.

Put simply, your muscles have the job of stabilizing you, and moving you.

Every 90 days your muscle cells regenerate greater into stabilizing muscles or greater moving muscles. If your posture is off, or you live a sedentary lifestyle, your body will generate more stabilizing cells to compensate, leaving you will less “movement” and less function.

Essentially, your lifestyle determines what type of muscle cells the body will develop:
More stability muscle cells at the price of flexibility or more movement cells that support activity and flexibility.

A big factor in Aging = More stability at the cost of flexibility. I hear all the time “I can’t move like I used to”.

The aches, pains and stiffness of aging can be partially attributed to this process. This is why mobility is so important throughout your life.

Chiropractic care is imperative in this process of keeping you moving and flexible, and therefore keeping you active and youthful.

Dr. Jan is American Posture Institute certified and is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of posture issues.
He can guide you to improving your movement, and flexibility by showing you how to improve the ergonomics of how you work, and add movement to your daily life.

Dr. Jan will do a computer assisted analysis of your posture and create a plan to get you standing more upright while being more flexible.

With Chiropractic treatment and techniques that you can use at home, you can improve flexibility ensuring you will stay youthful and active.

Call us today and we can assess the state of your posture, and help you enhance your movement, flexibility and energy.

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