HEADACHES are Dr. Jan’s superpower!
There are many reasons for headaches, and there are multiple types of headaches. But if you have a headache, then one thing is clear… something needs to be addressed within your body.

Learning the triggers of your headaches is very important. Whether it is due to the brain not getting enough oxygen, your jaw being under great stress, or that your neck is out of position, addressing it requires a special expertise.

By isolating the cause of the headache and ascertaining what factors are involved, Dr. Jan can solve the pain issue via a proper and specific adjustment.
He can then help you identify the triggers, and develop solutions that you can use at home to ease the pain and to prevent headaches from occurring in the first place.

Dr. had a patient who had a daily headache for 30 years. She saw multiple doctors, inclusive of doctors at the Mayo Clinic. After three months of care with Dr. Jan her headaches stopped. And she has not had a headache since.

Another patient with daily headaches got relief after Dr. Jan identified that she had a pelvic imbalance. When that was corrected, her headaches disappeared.

We need to identify what your headaches are trying to tell you, and what can be done to resolve that. Give us a call today and set up an evaluation to address your specific issues.

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