• Slipped Disc
  • Herniated Disc
  • Degenerative Disc

Too many people search the internet to understand these terms, and are left terrified of these conditions!
Dr. Jan can help you make sense of what these terms mean, and help you understand the conditions they represent.

First, let’s understand DISCS:
In between each vertebra (except the one at the top of your neck) is a disc.

Think of the disc as a cylinder of jello surrounded by a very strong rubber band to keep it in place. Imagine that in the middle of the disc, is a small marble that you pivot off of in every movement you make. This represents a DISC.

These discs maintain their function and flexibility through your movement. Moving your spine through the day brings in nutrients and fluids and releases toxins and waste products. So, full range of regular motion is imperative to disc health.

When you are too sedentary or there’s an uncorrected injury that limits the motion of each individual disc, they tend to become less functional, and are more likely to get damaged. This is the beginning of a degenerative disc condition.

As this situation progresses over time you might get a slipped disc.

What is a “slipped disc?”
Although the term is a bit of a misnomer, think of it as though you are squeezing a marshmallow. As you squeeze it, it bulges or protrudes out the sides. If a process like this happened within your discs, the protrusion could hit your spinal nerves, and you have what is considered a “slipped disc.”

Keep squeezing the marshmallow and the side edges will begin to crack. This, now, represents a “herniated disc” and is a condition that results in a greater degree of damage.

In this situation, our first goal is to address the pain, so corrective action can then begin.

Dr. Jan will correct the situation and then teach you how to do exercises at home, to get that motion back into each disc area.

Dr. Jan will also help you evaluate the ergonomics of your every day life. This is important to continuing the healing, and preventing injury.

Call today to get your disc function evaluated and get on the path to healthy discs and a more active and vital life.

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