No matter how minor an accident seems, our bodies do not handle violent, unexpected impacts with ease. Unfortunately, most people suffer injuries which force the body into “compensation mode.” Our bodies will adapt and adjust, to keep us functioning, but often that comes with other structural and functional consequences and limitations.

Dr. Jan has looked at many x-rays that show injuries from 10-20-30 years ago that seemed insignificant at the time but have become major problems, due to the body’s need to compensate and re-pattern. This is due to not correcting the damage caused by the accident even though the pain was relieved. Symptoms you may experience include neck, upper back or lower back pain, pain or numbness down your arms, headaches, disruptive sleep, difficulty focusing, TMJ (jaw) issues to name a few. Fortunately, most of these issues can be addressed.

The sooner you address the results of an accident the better, as we want to re-pattern your movement patterns before they get progressively restricted and stronger with time and repetition.
With his bio-mechanical background, Dr. Jan well understands what happens to the body during an auto accident. He encourages anyone who has been in an accident or injury to come in for immediate assessment, to make sure that healthy functional patterns can be reestablished immediately.

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