Should I bring my children in to see a Chiropractor?

Rarely, do we think of children as “under stress” but consider all of the life factors that actually affect children, uniquely:

-The intense birth process
-Learning to walk (and falling 100’s of times)
-Experimenting, jumping, falling, learning to ride a bike..

So many normal activities of a child’s life result in abrupt and intense assault on the body. And, while the child’s body is designed as the ultimate shock absorber and self healing mechanism, Chiropractic care assures you that your child is growing symmetrically and aligned.

Chiropractic care is of great benefit to the bodies and brains of children, enhancing focus, cognitive ability, athletic ability and overall wellbeing of a child, and as such, Chiropractic Care is a highly beneficial part of every child’s health protocol.

Like going to the dentist to see if there’s an issue, regular checkups with Dr. Jan is another step to support the health and well-being of your children.

Dr. Jan teaches new mothers how to check and monitor their babies and children at home to have insight into the nerve system function and when a chiropractic visit is needed.

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