While practicing in Manhattan for 25 years, Dr. Jan Teitelbaum brought many A-list celebrities to his doorstep. He took care of notables in the fashion, news broadcasting and record industry, as well as soap opera stars, professional musicians, writers, dancers and NYC business elite.

After caring for his patients in the Big Apple, divine intervention propelled him to make the move to sunny Southern California. This turned into a very wise decision as the California lifestyle supports Dr. Jan’s health and well being in a better way.

Dr. Jan’s Practice Philosophy

“I see my job as taking people to their next step. For some patients, that’s relieving pain, and for others, it’s addressing aspects of their life that need some reorientation or assistance. For some, it’s simply wellness support and for others it is peak performance in sports or business.”

Delivering the Goods

“I have personally seen ‘miracles’ before my very eyes. I have witnessed the healings with people with grave and serious disorders, after other doctors had not been able to achieve results. As I approach each individual that comes to me for help, I bring forth all my experience, all my knowledge, and most importantly my dedicated and committed intention for that individual to get well. I believe in delivering the goods.”

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